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04-15-17, 09:51 AM
Has anyone taken Intuniv with Adderall?

I tried searching the forum and aside from some person who seemed to be a maniacal Intuniv sales person, I can't find a lot of posts of people who are on it.

I'm on Adderall IR 10mg 3x a day which works great but unless I have structure and my brain on task at all times, I drift and get anxious. This happens on or off the Adderall.

So my psychiatrist prescribed Intuniv, also to help me sleep.

04-15-17, 09:36 PM
I like crass sales people like I do cancer....

I've heard people recommend this drug, but I would check out its reviews on various sites for the best indication. Don't ask your doctor for a recommendation unless you know his strings aren't pulled by hot pharmaceutical sales ladies.

No structure - yes, I too do much better with structure unless it's for very short periods, and even then I'm more anxious.

I envy your ability to get by on only 30mg daily. Wish I could get by with that. "Everyone's different".

04-16-17, 09:53 AM
Hi aur462 - I'm not sure that 30mg is actually enough for me but I've always been afraid to take more. How much are you taking?

Thank you for replying.

I took my 1mg starter Intuniv last night and I feel ok, so far so good. I will keep the thread updated.

04-16-17, 11:38 PM
I recently started on 60mg Adderall after moving and finding a decent shrink - a chore, my mental health "insurance" is abjectly abysmal. The first psychiatrist I found recently lost her license to practice :confused:.

To the extent you feel 30 may not be optimal, ask yourself what about your (insert symptoms) could be better. Speaking from personal experience, when I take AMP I am less dependent on structure, though still want and need it. It's not exact science so knowing yourself is important and conveying any concerns you have to your doc (hopefully one you trust and vice-versa) and see what he says/determines. Asking a newly established doc for a med increase can seem like you're asking to take their underage daughter to go drinking with you or something. Having a doc who trusts you're not interested in abusing is paramount.

Is anxiety causing insomnia, the meds or the combo?

04-17-17, 12:07 AM
I don't know what causes my insomnia and it's not better or worse when I take Adderall.

Agree about trusting my doctor, i went back to my previous psychiatrist so I should be back on track. I was trying to save money as well by going to a regular doctor to maintain my prescriptions. Maybe it was a good experiment just to realize how little many doctors understand about mental health. Your first one lost her license? That's encouraging! :)

Will update on the Intuniv!

04-25-17, 11:40 PM
Update on Intuniv- I only lasted a week. I felt great for 5 days and then worse than when I started. In the beginning I felt alert and calm and then just alert and then alert and anxious. I never made it to 2mg, maybe that's the problem.

I watched TV for a few nights. I was so excited because I can never sit still to watch TV at night. If it give it another try I will update.

No sleep, insomnia instead.

04-28-17, 11:43 AM
Just a quick update that I decided to try the 2mg dosage of Intuniv. I stopped the 1mg cold turkey which was apparently a bad idea (I got bad vertigo and nausea) and figured if I had to take a bit more to taper, I may as well just try the 2mg. So far I am sleepier which is a good thing. Will update if it ends up working out.