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04-15-17, 05:26 PM
Hi everyone,

Now that I'm back on ADHD medication (though still going through adjustments), I see how badly my husband is in need of it. He also has ADHD, but it's much more severe than mine. However he has a history of abusing Ritalin which is why he quit medication when we were first married. Currently I keep my prescription in a locked box at work that he'll never see, let alone have access to.

He really needs to be medicated. The ADHD is significantly disrupting his life. We've come up with a plan to keep his meds at my work too & I'll dispense pills to him and watch him swallow them every day. I know it sounds arduous, but that's the only method I can think of devising.

The point of this rather long-winded story is: is there an ADHD med that is less addictive or doesn't have euphoric properties? Something that wouldn't be used for recreational purposes?

I've tried to schedule both of us in to see a psychiatrist, but living in a small state, the earliest appointments we can get are in September. For now, we're working with our family doctor who has a good rapport with my husband.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

04-15-17, 05:46 PM

as a former substance abuser (3 years sober now) i would highly suggest looking into a program that brings people together that also struggle with adhd. Going it alone is very difficult. Also, I'm no doctor, but have you looked into medications that are nonstimulant?

04-17-17, 08:30 AM
There is strattera and wellbutrin, They work for some people but not for all people. The upside to the wellbutrin is its also an antidepressant and can help if there is some underlying depression. There is also vyvanse which is supposed to be low potential for abuse but I still think because its an amphetamine its possible. Alot of people have compared ritalin's mechanism of action to cocaine and maybe an amphetamine would be different enough to make it less attractive as far as a high. Did he ever have a cocaine problem?
I get it why you want to help him monitor his meds but there will come a time where you arent able to and what will his choice be? Unmedicated or he has to do it himself. I dont see the monitoring of his meds as a good long term solution to things IMO. He needs addiction help and there are a lot of outpatient programs that can help with this,