View Full Version : Adderall and prozac

04-16-17, 12:32 PM
I'm taking 15mg of Adderall and have just recently started prozac at 20mg for OCD and now I feel like I did when my psychiatrist upped the Adderall to 20mg, which is speedy and very hyper, so do I ask for the Adderall to be lowered or the prozac to be lowered?

04-18-17, 02:34 PM
Of the SSRIs, prozac is known to be the most likely to be activating.

You may adjust and it'll go away.

If it doesn't, I would ask about trying a different SSRI and see what the doc thinks.

04-20-17, 12:29 AM
I just remembered that insomnia and anxiety can be initial side effects to any SSRI. Typically, these sides go away but not always.

However, prozac has a higher chance of remaining activating because of a property particular to it that other SSRI's don't have as much of if any.

But if I were worried about it, I'd still talk to my doc.

04-20-17, 03:05 AM
Sometimes an SNRI works better with stimulants- at least it does for me.

04-26-17, 12:25 AM
Snris definitely feel more level and normal for me as well. Prozac gave me insomnia