View Full Version : I could really use your insight. Like,a lot

04-16-17, 08:03 PM

So,I'll get to the point.

* I can't follow verbal instructions very well
* verbal comprehension is poor
* basic problem solving is poor

What is this? Am I just dumb,or..?

Little Missy
04-16-17, 09:05 PM
What did your doctor tell you?

04-16-17, 09:13 PM
Not enough there to go on, not that any of us can diagnose you anyway.

Google for DSM-IV + ADHD and see how well you relate to the symptom list there.

There is also a verbal processing disorder you could read about.

But only a doctor doing a thorough exam can tell you for sure.

04-16-17, 11:34 PM
The items on your list can be caused by so many possible things that only a professional can sort this out.

04-17-17, 09:47 AM

I'm booking myself in for a learning disability test tomorrow and another ADHD examination (I was diagnosed in 2015,but I want another one to be sure)

I also stammer.

Sounds like dyslexia to me,but we'll see.

04-18-17, 12:02 PM
You don't sound dumb at all. I struggle with those issues, too. I'm guessing this is due to a mixture of working memory problems, inattentiveness, distractability, and anxiety. But, as someone else mentioned, could be many things.