View Full Version : Are you a Byakugan holder?

04-17-17, 01:08 AM
Of course you are. :D

Some 2600 years ago, an individual in India named Siddhartha Gautama became enlightened, who became known as Buddha. The dot on his forehead signifies the enlightenment.
Jump back to current timeline where human race had advanced unconceivably:w<wbr>here there is fMRI machines and cutting-edge neuroscience.Th<wbr>e dot on Buddha's forehead could imply a very thick Prefrontal Cortex(that thickens with meditation).And<wbr>, a full cocktail of neurotransmitte<wbr>rs working in harmony:dopamin<wbr>e, acetylcholine,
epinephrine,ser<wbr>otonin to power that frontal core so that it can control and watch(in Buddha's own words) the primal, reptilian
parts of the human brain.
Now,lets jump back to when Buddha became enlightened. One day, Buddha was making his rounds in the village to impart his teachings to others. It was then that Buddha noticed something strange.There was this group of elite hunters born with a cross mark on their foreheads. They seemed to be always looking out for novel signs in their environment.Any<wbr> anomalous sound,or twitch in their visual field will perk up their antennae instantly. They seemed to listen to Buddha's talking intermittently while other villagers listened attentively.Tho<wbr>ugh,Buddha found out later that when he could draw thir attention using intriguing stories, they will listen with ferocious laser-like focus. Like they were in the zone, in hyperfocused mode.I think that this could be likened to Byakugan eye holders in anime Naruto,where,wh<wbr>en they activate their Byakugan eyes they are in this hyperfocused zone and are able to see every miniscule details that others cannot.These elite hunters, allow me to call them Byakugan holders,were kings of their times due to their unique traits.
Let us jump back to current timeline,someho<wbr>w,up until now,the Byakugan holder ancient set of genes are still present in the world's
populace,surviv<wbr>ing the relentless test of Darwinian Laws. It is estimated that from 7.2 to 13 percent of any country's population,are Byakugan holders. Though, the Old Kings became zebras among the horses.
Somehow,if there is any nucleus for Byakugan holders, it is Los Angeles(LA). Those of us peculiarly flock to LA as if it were a giant tree that houses the nests for us.It is as if, we know in our subconcious in some distant primal instinctive way, that, she is where we belong.
I am Justin Timberlake. I am Cat Marnell. I am Nigahiga. I am Michael Phelps. I am Michelle Rodriguez. I am Wolfgang Mozart.
I am 7.2 percent.
I am a Byakugan holder. I am LA's 4th Guard.