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04-17-17, 05:38 PM
Just got switched to adderall (10mg Xr for 4 days and then 20mg after 4 days)and still have some 20m Ritalin IRs. Got switched because metadate gave me serious nausea but I don't like throwing away money. What are your experiences of taking adderall after the Ritalin wears off?

04-18-17, 07:42 PM
Ritalin = Instant release Methylphenidate

My doctor prescribed extended release versions (Concerta, Biphentin) for about a month. I tried them, they did work, but I wasn't sure if they were for me.

I moved to Adderall XR (10mg, 20mg, 30mg, and settled at 25mg). I've been taking it on and off (about 50% of the time).

My experiences are limited since I haven't been taking meds all my life. It's worth noting I'm not super high energy, I'm naturally lower energy & usually need the pick-me-up. I attribute a lot of my ADHD (ADD-inattentive) to having difficulties maintaining high mental energy levels that feel frontward (in the here and now).

My experience:

- Methylphenidate wore off quicker. It felt like a colder medication, it gave my face a very mild bit of a cold feeling (that wasn't a bad thing at all, at least in the short term that I tried it). There was more anxiety if the dosage wasn't right (ex. Concerta trickles small amounts over time & that caused anxiety). It worked, though. I would go back to Methylphenidate if Adderall XR stops working, since the differences are very minor. To sum Methylphenidate up: Lasts shorter, slightly more noticeable side-effects but so minor they don't matter, worked as well as Adderall for attention, mood was slightly different from Adderall but also boosted positively, slightly more anxiety, sleep not a problem.

- Adderall XR lasts longer. It feels warmer, and more natural. The side effects aren't noticeable during the day, except for dry mouth sometimes. For me, it lasts longer, but longer isn't that great (about 8 hours, minus 1-1.5 hours of the time it takes for the first dose to kick in, for the second dose to kick in, and the time it tapers off at the end). Sleep is harder since I like to take Adderall around 2PM, and even though its positive effects wear off ~8 hours later, there's still side effects after that (sleep). Adderall also has worse withdrawal for me (for me, withdrawal doesn't mean much, only truly noticeable problem is I get moodier for a day or two). Other than that, Adderall is a better mood booster (very positive thinking), and it's easier to lose track of time on Adderall (great when you're doing work, terrible if you're taking a test). Adderall is worse for justification of taking longer breaks and getting lost in them (positivity + happier to focus on anything + less looking at the clock).

04-18-17, 09:06 PM
I would edit my post, forgot to mention the most important thing:

Everyone's experiences are going to be different. My experiences won't represent what your experiences will be, and your experiences won't be the benchmark for someone else's.

Hope it goes well.

04-18-17, 10:51 PM
Thanks for your experience, although I was wondering more about experiences on taking the two about the same time lol.:):faint:

04-19-17, 01:46 AM
Thanks for your experience, although I was wondering more about experiences on taking the two about the same time lol.:):faint:

Figured what you meant was that you got your prescription for Adderall because Ritalin no longer works for you.

If your doctor isn't prescribing Ritalin as a booster to be taken after the Adderall, I'd say it's not a good idea. My hunch is that if both are effective for you, then as a booster I'd bet Ritalin would work like normal. However, my hunch could be totally wrong, hence why you should go with what your doctor has prescribed.

I have thought on this one as well. In Canada, Ritalin instant release is cheap, Adderall XR is expensive, and Adderall IR isn't offered. So, I've wondered if Adderall XR + a Ritalin booster would be an effective, safe, long-term choice of treatment (if the person responds to both medications just fine). Personally I've decided that I prefer taking less medications than more, and the window of time XR offers me is doable as-is. If that's not the case for you, maybe talk with your doctor... otherwise you'll get used to taking whatever you have left, and then what?

04-19-17, 06:19 AM
If your doctor hasnt told you to do this then you shouldnt do it.