View Full Version : Had a meltdown at work today!

04-17-17, 10:12 PM
Well as to those that have followed some of my previous posts already are aware of my situation of my supervisor I work under, been working under him for a few years and I do appreciate how he has been showing me the ropes in my current profession and as he actually has stated how much I'm improving and stepping up to the plate there are days where he is just plain nasty person to deal with and so today after the entire day of him riding my *** I finally lost my temper of course right at the very end of the work day and started screaming at him while having a panic attack. :o

Understandably so he said if I act out like that again I would get the axe, kind of the double standard I guess but the boss has that 'free reign' to get nasty w/o repercussions...normally that is.

All the other workers including our boss knows prior to this that he's a total dick and jokingly will mock him when I'm around my other mates. :lol:

I should probably start looking for work elsewhere because even if I get 'transferred' to work with some of the other crews I'm going to feel like I couldn't handle the abuse Lol. Dunno if it's Stockholm Syndrome but off the clock I get along great with my supervisor and all but I'm at my wits end, it's a dilemma too because I just got a raise at my job and been doing ok other than having my 'foggy brain' moments. Anyone been in this situation before? Should I jump ship before this titanic hits the iceberg? (or maybe it has already? haha) Or ride it out to the very end? :confused:

04-17-17, 10:30 PM
What happened?

04-17-17, 11:06 PM
What happened?

Sup. kept 'hounding' me all day as per usual and after all this time finally lost my temper towards the end of the day, started to black out and proceeded to start screaming back at him.

05-16-17, 11:43 AM
If you are unhappy then begin looking for something else. In the mean time try and refrain from having any future outbursts like that, that probably just made people lose a lot of respect for you, try and always keep your cool no matter what. Because that's a good way to get canned quick lol, unstable people in a work environment are no bueno and even a liability.

With that being said, I 100% understand where you're coming from though haha, I just don't act on those urges.

05-16-17, 12:26 PM
I once made the mistake of getting angry with a salesman over something that I was clearly right about. It was absurd. The sales guy was wrong.

Didn't matter. I stormed out of the office ranting about how stupid it was that I had to do X thing, when clearly it would be easier and more efficient if the sales guy did it.

Guess who, when it came time to lay people off, got laid off first? yep. me.