View Full Version : Focalin + Mg

04-18-17, 12:25 AM
I resumed taking my usual 20 mg dose of Focalin after ending my failed experiment with Wellbutrin. Reading about how Magnesium can act as a moderate NMDA antagonist, which can prevent buildup of tolerance to stimulants, I decided to give it a try.

I purchased Magnesium Taurate from an online supplier. I read it's the most bioavailable form of Magnesium, and the Taurate ion acts as a weak NMDA antagonist as well. I avoided the Glycinate form, as I read about Glycine being a weak agonist of NMDA.

This morning, I took my usual 20 mg dose of Focalin, along with 400 mg MgT. About 30 min later, it kicks in. I immediately notice how smooth my Focalin is... I experienced all the cognitive benefits of my medication with almost ZERO side effects! No palpitations, teeth grinding, etc. At the most, I had my usual slight chest twinges, but not nearly as often than without the Mg. I didn't get any "speedy" feelings from the medication at all - just calm, clear-headed focus.

I also noticed how much LONGER the Focalin lasts with Mg. Twelve solid hours with absolutely no crash! Without the Mg, I'm looking at 7-8 hours tops; when it wears off I usually feel drowsy and irritable. Not so with Mg!

I know others have gotten varied responses by adding Mg to their medication regimen. I had a very positive experience with it, and will continue to take use it!