View Full Version : "Side Effects" of meds that you didn't expect

Johnny Slick
04-18-17, 12:47 AM
So here I wanted to just, like, rant/talk about the stealth side effects of medication. I don't mean the bits about how you lose your appetite because you're basically eating diet pills, or how they give you headaches or, hell, even psychosis. I'm talking about the things that come along with being a person with (possibly undiagnosed) ADHD who has gotten used to their brain working in a particular way and having to deal with it, like, not doing that so much anymore.

And just to note, I really, really like what ADHD medication does. The net result is that I vastly prefer life with it to life without it. That being said...

- It does help you concentrate a *lot* better but you still have to will yourself to concentrate on the right thing. For instance, if I'm at work and I'm doing a crossword puzzle when the meds kick in, I've got to work 5 times as hard to not find other crossword puzzles to do for the next 2 hours. In the past it always took a gentle nudge to get myself back on track (of course, I'd also get off track super duper easily, often without totally noticing that I had).

- Another big thing that I've noticed is that emotionally, while I am more, um, stable, as in less prone to lose my temper easily or whatever, I've also found that if I *do* get mad at someone, that mad doesn't just go away when I count to 10 or what have you. One of the consequences of that is that I've had to really get in touch with things and people that hurt and/or anger me in ways that I didn't when I was undiagnosed and unmedicated; I'd be hurt or mad at them but I'd also just kind of know in the back of my mind that things would work out because I couldn't hold any of that for too long.

- I'm *really* not a fan of the people who try to defend their ADHD or otherwise jerkish behavior by saying that they're politically incorrect or whatever but man... as a basically non-confrontational person, there were definitely times when the blurty nature of the condition caused me to make feelings heard that never would have been heard had I been able to work the filter. In the long run I think it's much better for myself and the people around me that I can control when I am assertive and when I'm not, but there was/is definitely a transitional period in there where I was just like "no, I can't say that to [redacted] because what good would it accomplish? Man, 6 months ago I'd have just said it already and would be backpedaling right now... is this any better?".

Anyway, if y'all have any "side effects" to add, please feel free!