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Blue Monday
04-19-17, 12:03 PM
Biphentin is the Canadian treatment guide go to for Adult ADHD (& I believe only available in Canada). Biphentin realises 40% of the stimulant during the 1st few hrs, Concerta 22% (& is more expensive).

Before I go see my GP I'm researching a little. Biphentin v Concerta, My question: Has anyone gone from one to the other and if so is the difference noticable. The reason I ask is I was on Biphentin 50mg and was loosing focus in the afternoons. So I was given an additional dose of 10mg as a 'booster' with strict instructions to take at noon. But I often missed it or took it later. So instead I was changed to 60 mg once daily. Now I'm light headed for the 1st few hours, but stay focused, sometimes too focused late into the afternoon/early evening. So before I go see my GP to review, I'm interested in Concerta experiences due to the 22% initial release leaving more of the stimulant for the afternoon.

04-20-17, 05:11 PM
I have not taken Biphentin. I have taken Concerta.

But that doesn't matter because you just have try out a medication and see how it affects YOU. Someone else's experience on a medication is basically useless for figuring out how a medication will affect us.

That's why most of us have to do an elaborate trial-and-error-and-adjust process with stimulants. The science can predict the effects on individuals, not to the level you're talking about.

All of our bodies are different ... the ways ADHD affects us is different ... our brains are different ... Just try it out ... see how it goes ... report the effects ... adjust and go forward ... That's all you can do.

The technical release of the active ingredient ... that really won't tell you much about ADHD medications ....Remember, for some of us, relief comes in the form of a quieter brain ... others of us, more energy and aggressive focus ...

Good luck.