View Full Version : Adderal XR and Bipolar II

04-20-17, 05:07 PM
Hello! My doc just switched my adderall from 30mg IR twice a day to 30mg XR in the morning and 30 mg IR in the afternoon. The morning XR was wearing off very quickly so he told me to try the 30mg IR in the morning and 60 xr mg around 11 am. It works for the most part. I can focus and keep my train of thought.

The problem is that I feel "weird" towards the afternoon. Very moody, agitated and emotional. I also feel like I haven't eaten in days, almost like hunger pains. I feel like i'm going into a full blown depressive episode. It's really worrying me. I've been very balance for a long time on my Latuda.(I take seroquel too, to sleep). This has come on very quickly.

I'm not sure if I'm taking to much or I need to get use to the XR??? Any advice would help.

04-23-17, 07:49 AM
Stimulants and bipolar are very tricky to get right. If you are having issues like depression or mania, then its possible you are taking too much stimulants. You have to be very carefully monitored on stimulants if you have bipolar too. what else do you take? I have bipolarII as well. I take cymbalta, lamictal, geodon and adderall. I have absorption issues unrelated to bipolar so I take 20mg of adderall xr three times a day and dex ir 10mg twice a day.
I know with xr adderall, it never lasts as long as its supposed to so I dose it as if it was ir. So I take it every 4 hour or so. The boosters are to fill in a couple of areas in between and one of them is my last dose of the day and wont interfere with my sleep. The ir meds last about 2 hours for me.