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04-21-17, 08:41 AM
Sorry for the title of the thread...I don't know how to phrase it.

I spent a lot of time getting my son an IEP that the school did not want to give. However, we got there in the end. Extended time, passages read to him, separate room...etc. This was all good with me.

Then the state testing reviewed his accommodations and said since he can read the words they can't be read to him. I looked it up myself and sure enough the only time the state test can be read out loud is to the blind, or a person who physically can not interpret the word. So we kept the read to for the school tests and went to frequent breaks and separate room so he can read out loud for the state tests that are administered by the school. I wasn't thrilled with this but I got their point that they needed to test how well HE could read and understand, not how well he understood what others read to him.

I started asking about if he needed to take the ACT/SAT's next year at his school due to his accommodations and have now been told that the only accommodation that will transfer to THAT level of testing is the extended time. THAT'S ALL! No separate room, no breaks, no talking about loud...nothing but time and half.

I don't understand how the accommodations can just be whittle down like this based on what type of test he is taking. If he has a recognized disability how can they do this?

04-21-17, 11:41 AM
The ACT and SAT -- even if they're offered at the school -- are operated by independent, non-governmental organizations that are not bound by IEPs.

You have to apply for accommodations for these tests through the organizations. It's not necessarily true that extended test time is the only accommodation for which your son would be eligible.

However, because these are intended to be standardized exams, not individualized services, the organizations have fairly stringent requirements regarding documentation to demonstrate the necessity of each acommodation being requested.

Consult the organizations' testing websites (College Board/SAT and ACT) for information about applying for accommodations in testing.

04-21-17, 05:46 PM
With proper (lots of) documentation you can have the SAT read aloud. Usually even time and a half ends up being a small group anyways. The state tests are a pain in the rear.