View Full Version : Is anyone here having trouble with Global Impax?

04-21-17, 03:21 PM
Hey ADDers

I usually lurk here on the forum for a few years, but now i need to ask an important question. I've been taking Adderall XR 30mg for two years under the brand Sandoz, but recently my health insurance lost their contract with Duane Reade. I recently switched to CVS the last two months and they gave me a
brand that goes by the name Global Impax adderall ER 30mg. This Global Impax brand gave me horrible side effects such as increased heart rate, anxiety, and dizziness. I never got these side effects with the Sandoz brand.
I made a request for CVS to switch manufacturers but they gave a hard time for two months now..

Has anyone else been having a hard time with Global Impax or is it just me??

04-23-17, 08:01 AM
I am not the kind of person that usually believes in manufacturer differences. That was until I had to take actavis 20mg adderall and the 10mg sandoz adderall. When I say dont believe in manufacturer differences, I mean in the 13 years I have been on stimulants, it wasnt until the last 3 that I ever had any issue. I received actaivis once and felt horrible-jittery, anxious and after only three days of taking it, i brought the bottle to my doctor and turned it into her and got a new script. I had also recently been tried sandoz adderall xr for my booster dose. I tried it for 2 months and I swear, it made me so agitated, racey, and anxious that I had to do the same thing.... took it back to the doctor. We settled again on using dex ir as my booster dose. I feel like these issues are recent ones, because up until actavis came on to the market, and sandoz started making the xr 10 mg I never ever had an issue. In fact, I used to get all judgemental about people that would go on and on here about manufacturer issues. That was all until it happened to me.
My doctor has a service lab that picks up used medications to destroy them, and to maintain honesty, I have always been told that if I had an issue, as long as I brought back unused meds that were in the correct quantity, my doc was always reasonable. Pharmacies can take them back and those medication drop boxes are good, but not if you need to talk to a doctor about something not working right. If you have three weeks of a script you dropped off to a box and asked your doc for a new prescription, most will not give you a new one because it looks suspicious,.

04-25-17, 05:00 PM
I got global Impax for a month this past winter and i thought it was one of the only 2 effective adderalls around ....but they are all IR .....and there can be a huge difference not only between brands, but between different brands and if they are IR or E.....and to add to the mix, different brands can differ between the dosages ....10mg, & 20 mg ...I mean ...

arghh .....the FDA is not doing a good job in regulating the manufactorers of adderall .....way too big a variation in them