View Full Version : ADHD and desk jobs?

04-22-17, 09:42 AM
So, i currently have a job were i walk about 2-3 miles a day. I love it, just a little overqualified and under paid. Job opening above me is for a higher level job where i would be sitting at a desk most of the day and answering the phone. i also love working with my hands. something this new job would not allow me to do. any of you make the switch from ultra mobile to being locked to a desk?

Little Missy
04-22-17, 12:06 PM
Yes. :eek:

I'm a run arounder, but as long as I'm free to move I can work at a desk. A little bit. Not much really. But I'm always on time and pleasant on the phone. If I can stay near the desk.

That was a long time ago but I'd never be able to get away with it again.

Free to Fly
04-22-17, 01:00 PM
Was really hard for me, I was mobile for most of my career (s). Do you have the option of one of the new standup desks? Search up Vari-Desk, they are showing up all around the different offices I am in and out of.

05-07-17, 05:43 AM
I've had desk jobs for the past ten years (engineer). It can work although of course I don't really work up to my full potential, but so far no one has really seemed to notice or care that much. (or at least, they haven#t told me if they do notice... heh heh)

It is very important that the work you are doing INTERESTS you. I can hyperfocus on exciting things, like projects which are spinning out of control, or exciting technology, etc. And as long as the task is fun (for me, the design of a new plant layout is really fun), then it's no problem. of course, there are always things which are boring and I have to force myself to slog through them. Difficult calculations, routine paperwork, administrative stuff, booking trips for myself, logging my hours... etc. For that I just use my "sheer willpower" (since I am not medicated) and well, it probably takes me about 5 times as long as anyone else, but so far no one has seemed to notice or care. As long as that is not the main part of your job, it can be OK.

Some tips I have for staying on task:
1. have a running task list someone on your notebook, in a central place, so you don't have to store stuff in your head. (I don#t use a digital one, because I like to add stuff when I'm in meetings)

2. Use the first 10 minutes in the morning to set your daily tasks (or hourly taks) and write them down BIG on a post-it. For me that's about 2-3 most important things for the morning, and new ones for the afternoon. keep referring to that list to keep yourself on task. (for me this is the BIGGEST CRUTCH which really helps! I swear I look at mine 20x in an hour, even though it is only 2-3 things!!)

3. set a timer (for example 2-5 minutes) - when it goes off, ask yourself "Am I still on task????" if not, go back to your task. I find that I get off task constantly whenever I am writing a document where I have to look stuff up from other documents. (for example getting data) I end up rreading too much of the other document, or noticing other things which have to get done, etc. The timer really helps. On my worst days I set it for every minute. (really!!!!!)

05-07-17, 08:22 AM
yes it's totallly possible if it's interesting and varied
also that it's quite ok to leave your desk, whenever
i have to anyway for various tasks, and also i often go get paperclips or something downstairs, just because i suddenly want to get up.

(my boss though is quite insane and if i dont answer in one minute he says that i'm not reading emails " in real time". i have to forward my phone to my cell phone if im out of range of hearing it ring. but that's a seperate problem :) )

05-10-17, 11:03 PM
I hate desk jobs, I been in one for the past 5 years. While it's better this past year since I been on adderall, I still feel restricted and antsy at times. When I am home I enjoy tackling multiple projects and working with my hands. At my desk job, I too have to talk calls, I feel like I am wasting my time. While i am beig productive, it is still very repetitive and well, I get bored. :)

05-12-17, 01:46 PM
It depends on the work environment. I didn't have problems when I was working in a kind of open office that was, however, divided into smaller spaces separated partially by walls (but without doors) with 2-3 people sitting next to me. Even though I was sitting next to the kitchen with people chatting while eating, it was a good place to work in. Smaller rooms for several people are ok too.

When I have to work in an open space with 10+ people sitting close to me and 30+ in the whole open space I get crazy. I find it super difficult to concentrate on anything.

05-16-17, 11:36 AM
It works for me because I can go to the gym and lift on my lunch break, so that keeps me sane.

I'm not sure your exact situation but I also work in a position that allows me to go out within the facility and interact with the employees which gives me some time away from my desk. So it's not too bad.