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04-23-17, 06:53 PM
Hello all!

I am a 17 y/o male who was diagnosed with Inattentive ADHD about a year and a half ago. I made the decision (along with my parents) to try medication at the beginning of this school year (early September) and am starting my 6th medication, Adderall, today.

I started with Concerta, but it had little positive effect and a lot of side effects, so since then I have not tried another Methylphenidate product. I then went to Vyvanse for about 2 months, starting with 40mg and following with a jump to 50mg the next month. After that time, I had some minor cardiac issues so my pediatrician pulled me off of Vyvanse for safety.

Next I tried various non stimulant options (Strattera, Guanficine, etc.) since December with little to no success. So far Vyvanse has been the only medication to provide me with any sort of benefit, but I still haven't experienced any major benefits to my focus level, mostly just changes in impulsivity and general attitude.

After getting cleared by a cardiologist, my pediatrician decided to start me back on a low dose of Vyvanse and slowly move up, but my insurance dropped the coverage of that medication bringing the price to about $200/month. SO, here I am on my third medication, Adderall.

I was prescribed 20mg Adderall XR and instructed to take it for a week, after which we'd go over the effects and whether it is a good option for my. Today was my first day taking the medication. So far the feeling is similar that of Vyvanse, but pretty subtle. I haven't had a appetite since taking it (also an effect Vyvanse had on me) but I also haven't notice a huge increase of focus... Just a feeling similar to earlier this year.

I am starting to lose hope for medication. Hopefully Adderall will provide me with the same benefits that Vyvanse did (making my mood better and helping to control impulsivity and motivation), but I still have not noticed a big focus difference in my school work or other areas that I have heard others describe. Any opinions? I would greatly appreciate hearing any of your stories and any advice any of you may have for me. Hopefully something will come along to improve my focus but for now I'm starting to loose hope.

Thank you!
- InnatentiveBand

04-23-17, 08:42 PM
My first opinion is that it's pretty odd that your doctor had Adderall at number 6 on the list of things to try, when it probably needs to be number 1 or 2.

My next opinion is that I hope something turns out to work well for you.

Do you ever have anything with caffeine? That can mess up ADHD meds for a lot of people.

04-23-17, 08:47 PM
Thank you for the response! We started with Concerta and then switched to Vyvanse, Adderall probably would've been third on the list, but due to some cardiac issues he wanted to rule out all of the non stimulant options before going back to stimulants, even after being cleared by a Cardiologist. The only reason he avoided it for so long was for safety of any heart issues. Hopefully we'll figure out the correct medication/dosage soon and find something that works!

04-23-17, 10:33 PM
If Vyvanse worked, it has a good chance of having less effect on your heart than Adderall would.

Unless Vyvanse was not a good choice for you and you ended up on too high of a dose from trying to get it to do something, in which case adderall might be just the thing.