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04-23-17, 07:23 PM
Hi everyone,

So I've decided to go through with my first ADD medication at age 26.

Because I have a heart condition I can't take adderall or many other stimulant meds, but since checking with my doctors I have started low dose Vyvanse xl. (30mg, once daily)

All I got to say is wow! It's like my eyes have been closed to what being "normal" is like. I never knew that something could quiet my mind and help me to focus so well on things. It's like I get hyperfocus on everything. Glad to say I've had no severe symptoms on it. Mild Sweating, slight dry mouth, and lack of appetite. Vyvanse comes and does it thing for a few hours and goes away. I've read that the afternoon crash is horrible, but it just fades away and makes me very calm and collected. This works great for me.

Does anybody have any tips for taking Vyvanse. Have you taken vyvanse and what was your experience? It's going to work differently for everybody. I've read that people get nausea, become irritable, are restless, etc. The only thing I am concerned with is if the focusing aspect of it will eventually go away and it will loose it's flare.

Thus far I've experienced nothing like that. :)

04-24-17, 08:06 PM
I think there were tips on here somewhere, but from what I recall reading in this forum and have seen (my daughter takes it, also 30mg), is make sure you're eating a healthy diet, include protein in the morning, watch blood sugar swings (ie try to watch the sugar cravings and include healthy snacks during the day even if you don't feel like eating full meals due to the appetite reduction), watch caffeine intake, stay hydrated, getting exercise helps, and get a decent sleep every night. The meds can't do everything.

Glad it's working for you. I think the feeling of super powers and laser focus wears off as your body gets used to it, which makes some people think it's not working anymore or as well anymore, but it still is. It's been working well for my daughter and she doesn't have the walking on clouds feeling like the first couple of weeks (as she's self-reported), but she knows the difference of what life is like taking it vs not and how much easier every day is with it.

04-25-17, 04:54 AM
Vyvanse begins to work once it reaches the gut. It sort of works through digestion, at least digestion is what helps cleave it and "turn" into the active amphetamine that is what helps with adhd. This is a sh*tty way of explaining it, someone else can probably do better.With that in mind, its important to eat a healthy, large and protein rich breakfast to encourage that digestion to get moving. Amphetamines can be very dehydrating so you have to remember to drink a lot of water.
You may not feel hungry or like eating but you have to suck it up and eat anyway.

04-25-17, 11:48 AM
I found that I don't experience less harsh and softer "after-noon crash" when I have a good night sleep the night before.
The thing is though, it is quite hard to get a proper sleep with vyvanse (or with any amphetamine for that matter).

04-28-17, 07:49 PM
Thanks or the help guys.

04-29-17, 06:30 AM
Dont focus the med. Enjoy life. Dont ask for side-effects before you have them. =)

05-17-17, 09:38 AM
Glad to hear you're having success. My initial response when starting Vyvanse was similar -- like I cleaned my glasses after years of never doing so.

As far as the effects diminishing over time -- I did notice after a while that I wasn't feeling the same "boost", or the suddenness of clarity as when I'd just started taking it, but I've since figured out that it was just that I'd gotten used to a new "normal". Every now and then I'll miss a dose and find myself really wandering/drifting, and I'm reassured that the Vyvanse has been doimg its job all along, even if its effects seem less acute.