View Full Version : On 3rd med since Vyvanse. Nothing works as well...

04-24-17, 09:15 AM
Hello all,
I took Vyvanse 70mg daily for the last 4 years and it worked well for me. It would wear off in the afternoon but the benefits outweighed that. I switched insurances and now have Kaiser Permanente. They dont offer Vyvanse unless I want to pay out of pocket so my psychiatrist has had me on a drug trial. First was Concerta which didn't do much and spaced me out. Then, he put me on Metadate which didnt help and the side effects were terrible. Now, I'm on Adderall XR 30 mg daily along with the Wellbutrin 300mg I take. The adderall feels somewhat like Vyvanse but I'm not as happy or motivated. It works for about 6 or 7 hours but wears off. Is there a stimulant out there closer to Vyvanse that I could try? Adderall would work for me but really felt more "normal" on Vyvanse. Its actually getting harder to tell what my "normal" is anymore. Your help and suggestions are appreciated.

04-24-17, 11:14 AM
Adderall contains levoamphetamine which is one of the differences between it and vyvanse. Dexedrine spansules would be the closest but keep in mind you may need more than one dose a day.