View Full Version : How to get a proper sleep while on medication?

04-25-17, 11:56 AM
Seriously, I feel terrible if I don't sleep properly while being on med. Yes, I go to bed early, but it does not matter if I wake up every hour which results in me not having a proper sleep (not going into the important stage of sleep).
I tried melatonin (10mg - "super strength") but that did not help.
I tried Valerian but I wake up groggy and kind of weak, but I do wake up less during night, but it happens nonetheless.
I tried to go to bed hungry (4-5 hours without food before sleep) - that did no help.

What do you guys do to help with sleep while on medication?
edit: I currently on 30mg of Vyvanse

04-26-17, 04:27 AM
What is your bedtime routine and schedule like? I had horrible insomnia for years and am not suited to take sleep meds so I went through my own sleep training and now things are great.
For me, I go to bed in the same window of time and wake up in the same window of time every single night. I do this on weekends so every day. For me that means I wake up between 4-6 am and go to bed between 10-12 pm.I am a ridiculously early riser so I like my mornings.
I had to set my alarm and force myself to go lie in bed. If I still was lying in bed awake after two hours I would get up and go have a cup of herbal tea and try again. If I didnt fall asleep until midnight I still set my alarm and got up in the right window of time. Using this system, it took me about 9 months before it became like clockwork. Now I just go up to bed and fall alseep naturally.
You have to be rigid if you do this or it ruins the work you are trying to do. Most people will have relief this way if you are persistent.