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04-25-17, 01:29 PM
Hi.. I am just wondering. What are your thoughts on using a school counselor versus your own private one that you find?

Just curious...Thanks

04-25-17, 03:13 PM
It depends what you want out of them and what the age of the child is.

School counselors are not usually psychologists, they are normal compassionate teachers with some training. I have no problem emailing my my second grader or 9th graders GC on generic things...hey can you check in with her, she seems super frustrated lately"....or hey "Can you figure out why he isn't getting to 5th period on time, I can't get anything out of him."....I've done both of these and always get a call or email back.

Now, if I were to need someone to talk about erratic behavior due to a divorce, or pet dying, these wouldn't be my go to people. They can spare maybe 20 minutes for my kid, who is one of 900 kids in my sons case....not feasible to expect a therapy session from the school GC.

04-26-17, 06:04 AM
Well IMO a school counselor will always have be in the best interests of the school first. Guidance counselors cant help it as the school is their employer. This is not to say they cant have both the students and school in mind, just that there is lots of red tape to get around. Plus you are looking at case loads. Im my daughter's highschool they break it up by alphabet so she is lumped in with a-h and this is for four grades. Thats a lot of kids to deal with and I wouldnt expect individualized sessions. Privately, the counselor works for you.

04-26-17, 11:13 AM
It depends on the type of issue and how long it will take to resolve it.

A good school counselor can help with issues involving other school officials (bad grades, frustrating teachers, etc.) and also give advice about basic stressful situations (like a break-up or bullying). They aren't generally equipped to handle severe cases or problems that would take more than two visits to solve. And depending on the size of the school, they might only be able to spend 10 minutes with each kid that needs to see them.

Private counselors can be expensive, but they have more training, more time, and can handle more serious and complex issues such as mental illnesses or disorders. And there usually won't be any competing interests, because as Sarah said, private counselors only need to focus on the needs of the patient.

04-26-17, 05:10 PM
I would use a private counselor who has training and experience working with kids and issues your child is dealing with.

I was a teacher and don't think that school is the best setting to deal with certain things. What if there are tears shed and instead of going home to recover, the child has to go back to class and expected to be fine and concentrate in class. That's not healthy.

Good luck.

05-01-17, 02:39 PM
Hi thanks for the answers. Just the usual causes: on peer type issues, interpretation of peers, and social scenes at school. My gut is to do it outside, but only thought about inhouse because they offered and also they know the cast of characters (i.e. bullies, popular kids, etc).

I wasn't a fan because the kids seem to know who goes to talk to the counselor so I didn't want to add to any (perceived) issues/insecurities on my child's end.