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04-25-17, 02:03 PM
Just because the Doctor says I am this or that I still need to ask myself if this is true.

I dont know alot but, I know I am not the only one with a dual diagnosis.

Depression not taken seriously is a killer.

I had a friend about a year ago take his life.

I happened to have an appointment the next day with my Doctor so the grieving was still fresh..

I told him what happened, he said he had a patient that
actually died and came back.

The Doctor asked him what his last thoughts were before he did the act to take his life, the guy said ,,

" I really believed everyone would simply just be better without me,the world would be a better place"

If anyone here ever feels that way to a point of taking action can you just post something first so we can remind you why your so mistaken.

I'm just feeling that way today but I don't really believe it.And I dont like violence and I'm 58 so how much longer do I really have anyway:)

Hope this helps someone. It's helped me just to write it

Anyone relate??

04-25-17, 02:15 PM
I am bipolar, GAD,PTSD and ADHD. more than a dual diagnosis I guess. Not treating the other things nearly killed me.

04-25-17, 04:15 PM
Like Sarah, I not only have ADHD but I am also diagnosed with GAD, OCD, mild-moderate depression, and I've had two doctors tell me I may be Bipolar which I'm skeptical of because I don't fit the criteria. I think my ADHD was clouding their judgement that I am Bipolar -- there are a lot of similarities and it takes time to differentiate the symptoms. I think they were quickly jumping to conclusions.

Have I had a real happy life? No. Like most everyone on here, my "disorders" have given me perpetual grief from childhood on through to adulthood. Even this very minute I'm struggling with exaggerated anxiety over certain issues. It has affected my education from elementary school to my college education. It has affected the many jobs I've had and my career. It has affected my marriage but fortunately I have a forgiving, patient, and supportive wife of 27 years and I have four wonderful children to prove it.

Have I ever thought of suicide? Sure, but never come close to acting on it. Despite the personal problems, I have too much to live for and really don't want to leave this life until it's my time to leave. I love my family too much to leave any earlier. I couldn't do that to my family even though life can be very difficult at times. So, I stick around and live the life that's been handed to me even though it's not all that great at times. The good times and the good things in life far out weigh the bad about life. I can handle it.

06-20-17, 12:29 AM
just want to say that I also stuggle with having mood issues and that yall my people.

its pretty much a daily struggle for me to feel good. i don't feel good until my vitamins and coffee and feel bad when they wear off. just like it was with adderral.

i like to listen to talk podcasts in the dark. that is like my joy these days. one thing i can say is that im not suprised by my sadness anymore. i can anticipate it and accept it. it still feels like **** tho.

im sending you guys love in the shape of an emoji :)

06-26-17, 08:15 AM
-Depression( I have thought of suicide s for ten years , it became a ordinary topic for me , also my doctor said to me my impulsiveness makes me think suicide so easily)
-Impulsiveness(my mood is so unstable because of it)
-OCD(I try tocontrol everything in my life, i get into details too much , perfectionist.. if i canalize it on true direction it helps me even but when it gets out of control it destroys me)

I haven't bipolar but i give it a chance because my mother is bipolar(so there is genetic possibility) and this ilness is so insidious so hard to detect.My mother have suffered for 20 years because of Misdiagnosis until she started mood stabilizers and a low-dose anti-psychotic. I am living alone so nobody can observe me enough also i am using stablon/concerta so even if i experience a hypomania i think that i can't realize difference between high of medicine and hypomania
I have never experienced something like manic attack