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04-25-17, 05:17 PM
I was diagnosed with ADD about 6 years ago and was on Adderall 20mg IR twice a day for about 5 years then this past fall I switched to Vyvanse 70mg.

I am 23 and the vyvanse has been an incredible switch and I know that the dosage is fairly high but this is the first time in my entire life I feel normal. I can actually hear my thoughts clearly and I don't feel "high" like I did when I was taking the Adderall. My mother had always known I had ADD but was against putting me on medication such as Adderall and when she was diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Adderall she has me go talk to a psychologist which was when I was diagnosed.

I was also diagnosed with OCD and Tics so they tried me on some different medications prior to the Adderall, all of which made me severely depressed. So going on Adderall I was aware of the possible side effects of my OCD and Tics getting worse. They pretty much stayed the same however, now taking vyvanse I notice them a lot more, I don't know if it's just because I am more aware of them or if they are getting worse. Sometimes they get to the point where I need to go home because I can't be in public or risk driving with my Tics.

I have talked to my doctor and they thought about putting me on more medication to help with these but since I am already taking 70mg Vyvanse daily I do not want to mess up my clear mind or just add medication to add medication. I am also very good at dealing with stress, I use meditation practices and I have gone to therapy so I don't know if my Tics and OCD are necessarily stress-induced.

My Tics never really been a huge problem because I know how to hide them well but now I am getting a masters in neuroscience research and have learned much more about Tics but the literature on natural ways to counteract Tics is lacking. I have to give many presentations and I do not want my Tics to become so bad that they are noticeable when I am standing in front of a room full of people. My Tics include eye rolling and excessive blinking, jaw clenching, throat tightening, neck tightening, and tightening my fingers and I also chronically pick my fingernails and skin around of nails.

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any supplements, herbal remedies, or essential oils that help get rid of Tics or at least reduce the severity?


04-25-17, 08:30 PM
My husband hasn't had any luck with anything to reduce his tics. However, he has found that artificial sweeteners greatly exacerbate them. And artificial sweeteners are in many, many processed foods and toothpastes. Xylitol - used in most natural toothpastes - causes the same increase in tics.

I would recommend removing artificial sweeteners from your diet to see if that helps. It means reading labels very carefully, as they show up in many foods that are not labeled diet, or variations of light. And some try to sneak in using other names. A web search will give you all the names to avoid. Stevia is the only thing that doesn't seem to have an effect on him. Same with real sweeteners - no effect on his tics.

Good luck.

04-26-17, 04:00 AM
Have you considered clonidine? It helped my son. I know you said you do not want more medication but its pretty mild,