View Full Version : Finding a new doctor (or nurse practitioner?)

04-26-17, 04:44 AM
I lost my 1st psychiatrist of 16 yrs who retired & moved away. Then I found another good one & after seeing 2 yrs she moved away. But the center she worked at had a NP who continued to prescribe my meds til she also moved to another facility, but my question is: Can you just see an NP only & they are authorized to prescribed medications same as doctors do? If so, I could make appt. with her maybe? I Would really appreciate your input as I really need to get back on medication again & don't know who to see & it's always so hard starting over with a new doctor.

04-26-17, 08:51 PM
Yes nurse practitioners can prescribe medication ... whether particular np's feel comfortable doing so is another matter ... just as some general doctors may or may not feel comfortable prescribing.

There are psychiatric nurse practitioners who definitely prescribe mental health medication. So yes, np's can prescribe medication. I go to a psychiatric nurse practitioner for ADHD and depression medications.