View Full Version : Strange movements around my left eye

05-01-17, 05:44 PM
For about 2 months now, I've been experiencing a strange moving object/image on my left eye. Sometimes it flashes, sometimes it moves slowly. The object is usually white, paper like but scary.
Initially I didn't give it a damn, but now I think I'm becoming afraid :confused: because my therapist disappointed me when he said he doesn't know anything about that.
Please if there's anyone here who have experienced such, honestly, I need your help right now.
Thank you

05-01-17, 05:52 PM
Do you have a regular physician or ophthalmologist (eye doctor) you could consult?

Did you begin or change medications or doses around the time that you started seeing these white objects/images?

(Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor.) I can't quite tell from your description whether what you are seeing is a "floater" ( or some other visual aberration (possibly related to your eye or optic nerve), or if you are experiencing a type of visual hallucination (, or if it is something else.

Depending on what it is, it may have different causes, ranging from a side effect of medication, to an infection, to some other medical condition.

A qualified medical professional could help you figure out the cause of the white object/image you are seeing, and how to treat it.

Best wishes.