View Full Version : Reliefpure - seems too good to be true

05-02-17, 07:57 AM
This natural treatment sounds fantastic and I'd consider trying it, but I can't find a single reference to it anywhere on the web besides their own website.

It's quite a bold statement that they say a 3 month course of their supplement will actually correct the brain chemical balance in an ADHD brain. If it did the job while taking it I'd still be interested, but to say it fixes you on a permanent basis seems hard to believe and makes me doubt the legitimacy of everything they say if I'm honest.

Has anyone had any experience of this product, or heard / read anything experiences?

05-02-17, 09:21 AM
Anytime a natural product or supplement claims to cure/solve or eliminate a disease/disorder/or condition, I know not to take them seriously.

05-02-17, 09:58 AM
"Seems too good to be true":

Anything fitting that description (ever, not just with medical treatments) is guilty until proven innocent.