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05-02-17, 06:13 PM
I have as an adult finally been medicated with Ritalin after years of being warned that it would make me anxious , paranoid etc.

The opposite has occurred. I'm not anxious at all. I'm anything but paranoid, quite the opposite especially because Ive paid attention enough to know I havent done anything stupid . Is this a common occurrence ? Does it make most people anxious or less anxious ?

05-02-17, 06:31 PM
I’m not sure how common it is or not, but for sure, Dexedrine chills me out something special.


05-02-17, 06:33 PM
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Many times anxiety can be a co-morbid condition of ADHD. The anxiety can be caused by the untreated ADHD. This is why it gets better because you are treating the cause rather than just medicating the symptoms with most anxiety medication.

Treatment resistant anxiety for over a decade is what eventually lead to my Dr. to consider ADHD. The fact it was resistant to all the conventional forms of treatment she deducted that perhaps it was a co-morbid condition from untreated ADHD.

I was evaluated and and sure enough she was right. Treatment began to help immediately

Stimulants particularly Adderall and Dextroamphetamine have been quite effective with my anxiety.

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05-03-17, 05:03 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome :)

The anxiety can be caused by the untreated ADHD.

This hits the nail on the head. Thinking back to when I first approached a doctor 15 years ago about this , everything except ADHD was suggested. In Ireland , it seems they just dont know anything about it. I was told that it goes away with age.

So as a teen and a straight male I would have my heart broken from time to time. A girl would show me shes interested and I'd know what to say and try to do it an woops my attention would wander off topic. A psych would ask , what are you thinking about ? eh.....I couldnt nail it down. Eventually I conceded to a CBT , Eh Im thinking about this lovely Italian girl wth blonde hair which is unusual for someone from the med from time to time . She keeps trying to chat with me in class. The response of the cbt was ' Could you love a man ? '' That line of questioning only made me worse. Of course I could ... but only in a Christian way hahaha but this was back in 99 when I didnt judge gay people which made me super liberal even though these days Im feeling conservative but I suspected the shrinks did judge them.... I always felt like I wasnt believed or taken seriously or they were looking for a psychopath or some sort of terrible person when Ive never hurt a fly... well ok a spider. I regularly escort spiders outside :D
It didnt help that I was always good in school . It turns out a high IQ masks this well into adulthood. Thanks to Ritalin it looks like I can finally have a chance to persuade my way into at least a part time doctorate in Engineering. Before that , it was impossible. I passed my exams with no notes and cramming. Finally I appear to have this long term memory thing going on where information goes from one into the other through focus.
It used to be a running joke amongst my classmates about my famous ''notes''
Creased messy disorganized pieces of paper which I would juggle and shift through but never make any sense of . Finally it all makes sense. I never pushed for this diagnosis . It took me by surprise and I was too close to my own brain to see it but finally now that I see the cause of my weaknesses I can finally try to install a routine to overcome them :)