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05-02-17, 11:12 PM
I picked up my script a few days ago, same pharmacy I always use. I've been on Corepharma for several months as my only experience with a generic Adderall. They gave me this Aurobindo branded generic. It is worded differently, normally it says amphetamine salts. This says Dextroamp-amphetamine.
This only barely works. I can take it first thing in the morning and fall back asleep. It might have some effect but only for 4 hours at best. Then I crash hard. I am moody irritable and emotionally unstable.
Anyone else have a problem with this brand?
And what can I do about it? Its not like the doctor can write a new script and just hope I get Corepharma again. I can't deal with this for another 3 weeks. I've been very late to work, threatened to be fired, can't stay awake, makes me very nauseous at times, and in 4 hours or less I turn into a different person when it wears off like hitting a wall.
Should I just completely stop taking any more of it and go unmedicated for 3 weeks?

Little Missy
05-03-17, 08:55 AM
Make an appointment with your doctor and take the Aurobindo with you and explain what it is doing to you.

I'm sure your doc will listen and he/she can specify whatever brand works for you the best on a new scrip.

I asked my druggist why it no longer said amphetamine salts on mine and he said the computer is just printing it out that way (???) I never press the issue, all of the pharms are dealing with DEA changes.

It is usually best to go with a mom and pop shop rather than a chain pharmacy because the chains automatically order what is the cheapest to dispense.

I have no experience with the Aurobindo but many have and the consensus has not been good. As far as I know.

05-03-17, 11:31 AM
Getting in to see my doc is going to be the tough part. The only way I'd get an appointment in the next month would be if someone cancels. The clinic is so busy and understaffed. Can she even write a new script for the same thing, even though I have 3 more weeks before this would run out?
I have a local pharmacy, not mom and pop, but local with only 3 stores. I'll have to check and see if they accept my insurance, and can get a generic that works. Since NY is all electronic scripts, you don't have any choice of shopping around pharmacies to get the generic you want. And they wont give out that sort of information if you try to find out first.
I do have a few spares of my Corepharma, and I took a dose of that instead of the new junk, and it was a big difference. So I know its not my imagination.

05-03-17, 01:23 PM
Which pharmacy is this? The same thing happened to my friend who gets his refills from Rite-Aid. Apparently Walgreens switched from Teva to Corepharma so maybe you can give them a try?

05-04-17, 02:33 PM
A few years ago, my pharmacy switched from Teva to either Sandoz or Corepharma, and the switch was horrible. I had to do something. So, even though I had shelled out $75 for that new prescription, I went to see my doctor and brought my newly filled Sandoz Adderall. He wrote me another prescription. I took it to a different pharmacy and they filled it. I left the almost full bottle of Sandoz 30mg Adderall IR's sitting in the little exam room at my doctor's office just to show him that I wasn't trying to pull one over on him. But he left the exam room without picking up the bottle! I could've taken those back home with me and nobody would've noticed. I told one of the nurses that they needed to do something with it, just to make sure it was attended to.

I don't mean to make it sound like my doctor is an absent-minded "croaker," to borrow a term from William S. Burroughs. My doc is as responsible as the next one. So if you have a good relationship with your physician and if you're able to get an appointment anytime soon, hopefully everything will work out.

I have my own Aurolife/Aurobindo story:

I saw my doctor two days ago and I took my Adderall 30mg IR rx to the pharmacy. When I looked at them I noticed they weren't Corepharma, which is what I've been getting for the last couple of years. When I got home I went online to pill identifier and learned that the drug company is Aurolife. It has an imprint of U31. Before I even took the first one, I had a bad feeling.

I had a bad feeling because I've been down this road before. In my experience, and I've been on Adderall since June 2010, it doesn't seem to matter very much which generic I switch to. It's the change or the switch that messes with me, or so it seems. When I was originally prescribed Adderall, Teva was the generic company and I had no complaints at all. Teva was my #1 preferred generic version. I never imagined that changing from one generic manufacturer to another could be so noticeable. A few years ago, after taking the Corepharma IR's for at least a year, my pharmacy and others in my area switched back to Teva. Much to my surprise, the Teva generic made me feel weird. When my pharmacy initially switched from Teva to Corepharma the first time, I didn't like the Corepharma but it's as if my system had to get used to the change. And after a few days or a week, they started working like they should. There were still differences and I would still rather have Teva than Corepharma, but I don't feel like calling around to find out which pharmacy has Teva.

However, these Aurolife or Aurobindo, tablets are a whole new kind of bunk. I feel hungry all the time and I don't feel like I've taken anything hardly. Usually, with the Corepharma, I never get tongue-tied or lose my train of thought mid-sentence, but I was at the library yesterday and when I went to the circulation desk to ask a question, all of a sudden I couldn't form a complete sentence. They looked at me as if to say, "Yeah...spit it out." It's downright frustrating is what it is. I just hope my theory about my system having to get used to the new generic is accurate. In that case, I should be feeling better by tomorrow or the next day. I can tell I've got some Adderall "on board." Otherwise I would be experiencing amphetamine withdrawal symptoms.

Sometimes, I wonder if the PROS outweigh the CONS when it comes to Adderall. I can only speak for myself.

05-05-17, 04:07 AM
I had an experience similar to this with ACTAVIS adderall xr. In two days, I made and emergency appointment, and brought it with me. I told her it was a manufacturer thing and got a new script. She wrote "ok to fill" and I had to pay out of pocket for it at the same pharmacy which is a local mom and pop pharmacy. The reason I went back to the same pharmacy was because I didnt want anything to pop up that I had filled the old script a few days before. Technically, any pharmacy can refuse to fill a script if they suspect abuse or diversion. So I stuck with the same one. They always have Global xr now for me.