View Full Version : How will I know if Concerta is working?

05-05-17, 03:19 AM
Hello - I was wondering if anyone can advise based on their own experiences? I have been on Concerta for ADHD for about three weeks. One week on 18mg, no affect and not really any side effects; 36mg for a week and no affect and not really any side effects so I started on 54mg yesterday and felt dreadful, with no benefit. I was really flat and felt very on edge. I didn't really want to talk to anyone when I felt like that and didn't know where to put myself.

Does this go away? Do you get used to it? I felt no benefit and do not want to go onto 72mg. I know medication doesn't work for everyone.

Also, I was asked to stay on 54mg for a month. I thought you would no whether it would work straight away, within a day or two since it is so fast acting and doesn't build in your system like other meds. Any thoughts?

05-05-17, 10:58 AM
The way you tell is that your work results improve. If you have no improvement in your work results and the medication is making you feel bad, that's not an encouraging sign for this medication - you might need to get it switched to something different.

Just in case, try quitting all caffeine, and make sure you're sleeping well and eating three good meals a day. Those things can cause medication to fail.

That on-edge and flat feeling can sometimes go away if it's not too bad at first, but if you're getting no useful results from the medication anyway then you should tell your doctor and see what else they might prescribe. Also note that the on-edge emotional flatness could be caffeine, so make sure to quit that.

05-07-17, 09:39 AM
Thanks for your reply, I will try not having coffee as a start. Weirdly it isn't work I struggle with but social situations, where I am inattentive and can't stay still. I am worse as the day wears on than in the morning.

This is quite new to me and I wondered if I was to feel a benefit would this happen straight away? As I feel anxiety side effects with 54mg would I maybe feel more benefit if I keep taking this dose and the side effects wear off? I was thinking perhaps I don't feel benefit because the side effects are so noticeable. I felt really agitated and didn't want to take phone calls or anything the other day. I went down to 36mg for this weekend as I knew I had to see a lot of people.

I'm not fixated on taking medication and will be very happy not to unless there are significant changes in me.