View Full Version : Effective beta blocker w/ Vyvanse?

05-05-17, 10:03 AM
I will ask my MD (not a psychiatrist) about this, but wonder from real-world perspective about beta-blockers that work in tandem w/ Vyvanse.

Do they mitigate its effectiveness, or make one drowsy?

I really dislike anti-anxiety meds. Thanks for any info.

05-05-17, 11:36 AM
Just to be clear, is anxiety the only reason you're thinking about a beta blocker?

05-17-17, 01:04 AM
I take a beta-blocker (atenolol) to prevent migraines. However, at one time I ran out of my benzodiazepine and my Primary increased my beta-blocker dose and had me take Benadryl. It did work to treat my anxiety until I was able to get a refill on my benzodiazepine. I don't know if this will help or not, but I also take Vyvanse with Adderrall booster. I have not noticed any drowsiness, but I take the atenolol just before bed, opposite of the other meds. Honestly, the stimulants I take resolve most of my anxiety and I only use my benzodiazepine occasionally during the day (maybe once or twice a week) but always when I go to bed. I don't know if that helps, but it won't hurt to ask about it. FYI, beta-blockers can have very different profiles and side effects. Propanol has some very significant psychiatric/physical effects. Do your research beforehand.

06-01-17, 08:46 AM
What are the significant psychiatric effects of propranolol? I just started taking the ER version for migraine.

06-20-17, 08:10 AM
Just an update- I've been on propranolol for almost 3 weeks and the past two days were my migraine "time of month" I got one but it wasn't as bad as usual. Fingers crossed its working.

Propranolol also has the benefit of cancelling out some Adderall side effects (sweaty armpits, less dry mouth, less noticing it wearing off). I'm also down to only .25mg klonopin at night bc it helps me sleep. I'm on Propanolol 60mg ER and Adderall IR 10mg 3x/day.

The only downside of the Propranolol is that I do think it makes the Adderall slightly less effective and weight gain. I've been eating like a horse! My appetite has tripled. I didn't realize how much more I was eating until I got on the scale yesterday and had quite a shock. Hopefully that part levels out.

06-26-17, 07:21 AM
Update on the propranolol, I'm having issues. I think someone else on the forum mentioned this as well - the propranolol is starting to cancel out the effects of the Adderall. At first I didn't care that much but then I started to notice my old behaviors and thought patterns coming back, which is not good. Plus I just feel like I'm over drugged!

I started taking the propranolol for migraine, so I guess I need to go back to the drawing board on that (sigh).

08-24-17, 03:41 PM
Just to be clear, is anxiety the only reason you're thinking about a beta blocker?

I actually prefer beta-blockers to Klonopin. My doctor warned me that too much could cause depression so I don't take it everyday.