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05-05-17, 10:11 PM
I realize this is an ADD forum, so my question may be a bit off topic, but does anybody have any experience with treating depression with adderall?

I've been on and off anti-depressants since I was in high school, 15-20 years ago or so, and nothing has worked.

This past summer, when I was more severely depressed than usual, I was prescribed adderall. It was like a magic bullet. From day one I was happier and engaging with people and, most importantly, actually enjoyed doing things.

It's coming up on a year now and I'm not getting the same benefit. I'm depressed again. Do I need to up my dose? Take time off? Try a different medication? I have brought this up with my p-doc, but he just wants to add other anti-depressants, and I've tried just about every one with no success.

I'm currently on 40 mg a day. I try to take at least one day off per week. I've been on various SSRIs and Welbutrin this past year with the adderall, but they haven't helped.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

05-06-17, 05:20 AM
I would make an appt and go talk to the doctor about it and see what they say. Maybe you need a higher dose.

05-06-17, 05:49 AM
I agree with Sarah above...I'd check with your p-doc again and see what they think...see if they'd consider trying you on a higher dose.

Did you find that once the adderall started to wear off, that your depression would come back?
I have that issue. Adderall does act as an anti-depressant for me, as I feel much better on a proper dose of it and it clears all the gunk and fog in my head...but once it wears off in the evening (or as I'm trying to get up and going in the mornings/afternoon) my depression is back.

So my doc has me on a couple of things to help with that. lamotrigine which I absolutely swear by (I know it works, because when I stop taking it, my depression swings back in full and wrecks me) and latuda.

I too have been on a bunch of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics over the years...most of them either did nothing for me, or actually made things worse for me.
Lamotrigine is the first I've tried that I've actually really liked. I've had no noticeable side effects on it and like I said's really helped me out.
It's too early for me to say if latuda is doing much for me as I just started in a couple weeks ago...but I am hopeful.

Anyhow, I hope you and your doctor are able to find something that works for you again soon.

I too was on a great dose of adderall...but over time it stopped being I know how much that sucks.

05-06-17, 06:15 AM
Some people think its crazy that you would feel mood issues good or bad with adderall. It is not crazy. Sometimes adderall and other stimulants are used in cases of treatment resistant depression.

05-06-17, 06:23 AM
Some people think its crazy that you would feel mood issues good or bad with adderall.

That makes no sense to me...adderall is a stimulant, I can't imagine how It couldn't effect one's mood. :scratch:

tired tired
05-08-17, 04:56 AM
You can suggest to your doctor to try the following:

1. Vyvanse:

2. Wellbutrin.

3. Up the dose on adderall.

My explanation why adderall had worked for you, is that many people who have ADHD suffer from depression, as a result of not being able to focus, plan things and such. When these symptoms are controlled, with stimulant based drugs, depression is lifted.