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05-07-17, 05:01 AM
Hey people, in my country, several clinics offer rehabilitations for ADHD. Normally of course you would just go to a psychiatrist and therapist every once in while for treatment, but in certain cases you can apply for a rehab, for example if you are about to loose your job, going through marital crisis, etc.

I have been thinking about applying for this, (due to marital crisis) and I was wondering if anyone else has ever done it? Did it help?


05-07-17, 05:19 AM
At the rehab, do you know what they do? I don't know anything about an ADHD rehab.

Usually, when I think of the word rehab, I think of working to regain a lost ability, like when someone is in an accident and has to re-learn how to walk. Or maybe I'd think of rehab for addictions, where they have programs to help people return to normal life without also returning to the addiction.

ADHD doesn't sound like those things - not to me, anyway.

05-07-17, 09:36 AM
Ive never heard of this before and until you have the specific details I wouldnt do it.

05-07-17, 10:43 AM
I'm in the USA and used to work at a residential vocational rehab. They often offered services to folks with adhd, but, they also had to have an accompanying diagnosed condition to qualify for services. They couldn't enroll based on a single diagnosis of adhd.

Services included psychiatric appts. that were all of 15 minutes once a month or so, psychology services based on perceived need via multiple assessments or based on incidents as they happened, physical therapy if needed, occupational therapy if needed, residential support via groups and programs, recreational support via groups and programs, and 24/7 medical staff on site just in case...but to have access to all of that, they had to be fully accepted and enrolled in a vocational training course of some sort (auto mechanics, auto detailing, cosmetology, materials management, building trades, food service, office assistant, etc.) that was also determined by assessments and various testing.

It would be interesting to know the specific details of what they offer, how they assess, how they instruct, and the measurable outcomes they hope to achieve. Does insurance cover all of this or is it a pay out of pocket scene?

05-08-17, 05:32 AM
I know there is nothing like this in the US (since I am originally from the US :-D) or at least, I cannot imagine it there.

In Germany our healthcare system is awesome, though. Yes, you need some other factor, usually for ADHD the extra factor would be depression, anxiety, or some sort of crisis in life like losing a job, divorce, etc.

I do have a lot of information about the clinics. They do diagnosis, they can initiate (or adjust) medication while monitoring you, they have individual psychotherapy and behavioral cognative therapy (I think 1-3 sessions per week, depending on the clinic and depending on what you need) they have a bunch of different group therapies, career trainings, mindfulness training, sport therapy, music therapy, etc. Everything is adjusted to meet the needs of the individual. So for example if you are depressed with ADHD then you would participate in the sessions for both things.

And yes, in a way it is similar to the Rehab programs for things like substance abuse - in that you are removed from the stresses and pressures of daily life, so that you can totally focus on yourself. At the one clinic, they said the average length of stay for ADHD is 6-12 weeks.

05-08-17, 05:35 AM
Oh yeah and it is paid for by the social security system (Rentenversicherung), but they have to accept your application, and evaluate the necessity of it first. The idea is that it is cheaper for the social security to have people be actively taking part in life, and working, etc, than for them to end up on benefits due to disability or mental health issues. There would be a co-pay of 10 EUR per day, which I think is very reasonable!