View Full Version : What gets you drawing/painting/sketching etc.?

05-07-17, 05:52 AM
I'm getting back into my Industrial Design studies, and I have a big entry exam coming up in two weeks, to see if I can join the local college. A lot of it is sketching, and I haven't done it in two years... So far, last couple of months trying to sketch have been very slow, so - heeeeeeelp! :p

What gets you into sketching/drawing/painting mood?

05-15-17, 07:55 PM
Set up some objects and put on some music. Start loose and get a feel for the space and character of the objects. Once you figure out the composition you can start working on form and shadows and such. Save details for last.
That way you can work fast at first. Once you start getting something you like you can add details.
Did they give you a list of stuff to draw? If so that part is taken care of.
Have fun, pencil and paper is cheap. Good luck!

05-16-17, 06:30 AM
What works best for me is to not make it a specific project like "do 30 minutes of sketching every day". When I managed to keep my sketchbook habit it was just a natural part of my day and not a special project I needed to remember to do at some specific point. Keep a sketchbook with you and draw things around you during the day. Or just open the sketchbook and draw one line. Even one line is better than nothing and sometimes you will continue drawing after that one line.

At some point stress got to me and I started taking even my drawing too seriously. I stopped sketching things around me and am just now trying to get back to it. I tell myself I'm just practising, the end result does not matter. It's not a serious project, it's just drawing, just practising, just having fun doodling.

You could also try different youtube tutorials. They can be helpful to get you started.

05-16-17, 01:07 PM
Drawing/sketching something I am really into at the moment. Some peppy music helps too if I intend to make something fun and/or light hearted/silly. Also, a diet coke. :)

09-17-17, 06:03 PM
Music is great for art.

09-17-17, 07:01 PM
A choice of tool and paper which become an extension of your expression instead of fighting you in any way is always inspirational.