View Full Version : Extreme ADHD, Akathisia and Anxiety Disorders

05-07-17, 11:27 AM
I was diagnosed ADHD probably will be diagnose with Gerneralised Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety.
I have pretty much all negative symptoms of Schizophrenia (, although my psychiatrist said that I for sure don't Schizophrenia.

But my main problem is Akathisia. - A constant feeling of inner tension and restleness. I can't relax even for a moment. And this is at least since a couple of years. My life - especially in the second part of my teenage years was real hell, and now at the 22 is even worst. I'm in a constant torture of tension and restlesness.

I'm practically completly withdrown from society. Since 5 years - when we moved to another country I didn't made any friends. I don't much and most of topics are boring to me and I can't speak with people about most things they try to talk with me.
I'm 22 and I never had I girlfriend. Although all my mathers female friends say to her that I'm handsome and many girls look at me but for some reason they never start talking with me. And its practically impossible that I will start talk to them.

I tried about 8 substunces, drugs and medications that stimulates Seratonin, or work on Seratonin and on all of them I felt like **** or they just gave me nothing. Mirtazapin positive work wasn't so bad, but on this med I just felt that it deepens what I already have. I din't gave me any relief at all.
Even on E this additional Seratonin is ******* me of.
I acutually preffer 30mg of Methylphenidat rather than 130mg of E.

From medications I tried Ritalin and Dextroamphetamin. R at 30mg and DexA at 20mg gives me complete relaxion and relief from suffering.

But instead of 4 hours they work only 1 hour for me. After that, I don't feel it anymore and anxiety and suffering are coming back.

Since over one month a go to daily rehab clinic. but they kept me in torture for one month not giving me any medications. Since couple of days they started to gave me Methylphenidat XR. Now I'm taking two cupsules of 20mg Methylphenidat XR (so 40mg XR), but it seems like it doesn't work as well as at first 3-4 days. We are going to go up to 80mg and later maybe add Strattera.

But what if those 80mg will also not work very well (with time). And many people also don't feel it after some time (tolerance?).

So please what should I do. What kind madication I can take that can work for me.

I need a medication that will work at least like and with a strengh of Methylphenidat 20mg or Amphetamin 15mg for 12-16 hours a day on me. (Redosing is fine for me).

Please help me or I'm really going to kill my self.