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05-08-17, 03:57 PM

I've been on 50mg Vyvanse and had success for a few months now. But my ADD is pretty severe and I really struggle when it wears off. I work 6:30am-3:00pm so I take it at 5:30am. It mostly wears off 5 hours later at 11:30. It's harder to do my work after that. And after about 12 hours (around 5:30pm) it's almost impossible to concentrate to even have a conversation so I have to decline when my friends ask me to do things in the evening. That makes my friendships feel distant and I feel like I'm missing out. So my question is, would it be okay to take it 12 hours apart (i.e. 5:30am, 5:30pm, then 5:30am the next day?) I was on Adderall XR a couple years ago and it gave me auditory hallucinations and ever since then I get constant, extremely bad headaches (but that's for another post.) So my concern is that it will make my headaches worse or give me psychosis again.

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05-08-17, 04:14 PM
So my concern is that it will make my headaches worse or give me psychosis again.
These are both very real and very serious concerns. (As is the potential for insomnia/lack of sleep, which could also increase the risk of headaches and/or psychosis.)

I would suggest you talk to your doctor about how long the medication lasts for you, vs. how long you need it to last.

There may be a number of options available to you, including changing your medication, taking a short-acting medication after the Vyvanse, or taking another dose of long-acting medication.

Doubling the dose you are prescribed, on your own, is considered misuse of medication.

Given your history of serious side effects, it would be especially unwise /dangerous to increase your dose without the knowledge, input, and monitoring of your doctor.

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05-10-17, 03:14 AM
Definitely talk to your doctor. There are people that take Vyvanse in the morning, and then a shorter acting stimulant in the afternoon to give them that kick in the pants they need to get through the rest of the day. You probably wouldn't want to take something around 5:30 PM... something again at lunchtime, yeah, but not THAT late in the day if you wanna sleep.

I'd probably consider doing the same if I could tolerate the IR stimulants but I really can't, they make me sick to my stomach :X I much prefer the extended release, so its just the one vyvanse a day for me...

05-16-17, 03:53 AM
My experience with vyvanse is it works wonderful or not so great. Personally, I have found that it never lasted the purported 12 hours and I always needed a booster dose of dexedrine.