View Full Version : Accidentally Missed a Shift

05-08-17, 10:28 PM

I completely was a day ahead on my calendar. I missed to call in for an "on call shift" at work. I called this morning, my bosses were nice, but I don't like this trend.

I have to remember to list everything that I must do the next day, as it is vital in keeping me organized. That list has to be priority #1. I had fallen away from the list making habit recently.

I also am kind of happy that I didn't sit around beating myself up over it. I guess that is a blessing of an ADHD diagnosis, where I am free from some of the habit of horrible guilt and self flagellation that would consume me for a day.

Thank god for coffee and its dopamine increasing effects. Thank god for my parents that support me.

Hope you are very well.


05-13-17, 12:52 PM
I'm glad to hear that it worked out. Now you know that you have to have your list to do well! I am the same way! Great that you have your parents support!!