View Full Version : A lower dose atomoxetine against the sexual side effects?

05-10-17, 03:05 AM
Hi everyone,

On 80 mg include with mirtazapine 15 mg the side effect of ED was gone.
Upped to 100 mg there were too many side effects. At first the doc lowered the mirtazapine to 7,5 mg. Nothing happend. After 5 weeks the strattera down to 80 mg. Only thing is urinating goes better but the sexual issue is the same.
I'm living in the netherlands and only strattera helps after taking a lot of medicines.
Don't know what to do. Maybe it was the combo of remeron/ mirtazapine that helps me, but Mirtazapine makes me tired en fat. Take 80 mg's of strattera in the morning. Can downgrade to 60 mg help me? I'm scared that dose is too low because my target dose is 80 mg.

I'm taking Strattera totally 15 weeks now

05-10-17, 03:06 AM
I'm sweating a lot. When i take my clothes on i'm sweating. Now on 80 mg it's less but not gone.