View Full Version : Knowledge Retention, Intelligence Insecurities, Conversations

05-12-17, 12:26 PM
Does anyone else have trouble with feeling conversationally inept?
I notice that all of my friends seem to have a huge back log of information about people, movies, music, politics and so on...

I'm 27 and had a diagnosis from my GP last year, which explained a LOT about the way I am and my behaviour growing up. I've since been prescribed meds, which have helped massively and nowadays I'm pushing myself to try or watch new things. Also trying to read more, but I'm rarely interested in doing it even on meds.

My insecurity is that I'm years behind everyone else due to my life-long inability to stay up to date with entertainment and current events, through nothing but apathy and the inability to focus or remember information.

This especially makes me worry when I'm dating from fear of not being interesting enough to have deep conversations about such things.
It's always surface-level with me, and the only things I can talk deeply about are one or two main interests of mine.
I'm not what you would call an 'all-round person'. Even though I've watched plenty of things over the years, I still notice this apparent deficit in comparison to other people.

05-15-17, 05:49 PM
I've never watched movies much or kept up that well with current events. The things you describe as "deep" actually seem to be pretty surface level, particularly entertainment and politics. I think of deep topics as things most don't go near most of the time, if ever.

I think I've felt like you, especially when I was younger - when I spent even MORE time and dedication inside my head. Dating-wise, I would do your best to not premeditate how a date might go based off of your knowledge of "what's happening in the world" - though some basic knowledge is important.

Conveying substance requires verbal interaction. As long as you're not on the autism spectrum, I wouldn't concern yourself too much. Personality and physical attraction seemed to be the most important things for me when I was dating; frankly though, getting laid always seemed to be my first priority :o