View Full Version : Adderall exacerbate my sinus problems, my tips on how to manage it

05-12-17, 06:22 PM
For some reasons Adderall exacerbate my sinus problems, I have had a lifelong sinus problem, from allergy to infections and had surgeries done. Whenever I take adderall particularity I get a really bad sinus pressure, no congestion in contrast my nose feel really dry not matter how much water I drink it still dry.In some cases it develop to pretty bad sinus headache on my frontal sinus ( above the eye) that will literally kills my day . I Had CT scans done with nasal endoscopy everything is normal. I believe this happens due the vasoconstriction effect which adderall pose, because it doesn't happen on Vyvans, so if you are experiencing the same I find these tips help me.
First make sure you don't have a sinus infection or and upper molar infection as they my cause the same symptoms if you have that issue should be treated first, but if the cause if the problem is only Adderall the tips will help:
1- Don't use nasal steriods sprays and decongestant they the dryness worse.
2- Use a humidifier where you work or sit.
3- Use nasal gel, I use a brand called "Ayr Saline Nasal Gel " you can find it in CVS Walgreen and Walmart for I believe 4$. Don't use Vaseline! there are many warnings about that.
4- Using Neil med nasal rinse, make sure you use clean water.

Finally if all these measures don't help I found one that 100% works for me, since it happened due to vasoconstriction ( at least in my case) 10mg cialis cures it for me !!! Cilas vasodilate blood vessels and it just cures for me. There are no known interaction between adderall and Cilas BUT ALWAYS DISCUSS IT WITH YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER !! I am not providing any medical advice and I'm just sharing what it works for me and I hope it will work for you. Excuse my bad English ( Second language), stay strong my fellow ADD/ADHD'ers!!

05-16-17, 04:05 AM
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