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05-12-17, 08:18 PM

I am prescribed Adderall XR 30mg, and my psychiatrist recently added Ritalin IR 5mg 3x per day to the Adderall. The combo is really working well, and my blood pressure & pulse are good as well. My only concern is: Is it safe longterm?

I have pretty severe ADHD and I've been on Adderall for about 4 years straight. My Psychiatrist added the Ritalin to enhance focus & mood. In my case, the Ritalin definitely makes me less aggressive and has reduced the insane sex drive from adderall.

I'm just asking for opinions because my real concern is overall brain health.
Safe OR unsafe combo?

Let me know what you think,

05-16-17, 03:29 AM
The "long term studies" thing can be debated. Its hard to have 100% rock solid evidence about long term safety because scientists would have had to study a large swath of people over a lifetime to be able to have those stats and then they would also have to be replicated by other scientists in order to be akin to "proof". The medications themselves have been around for years, some of them over 50 years. And I think it goes beyond ancetodotal evidence. Personally, I have taken stimulants for over 13 years and been fine. My son is 21 now and was medicated at age 4 and took it until age 16 and is doing wonderful now. It was his choice to stop meds, not mine and it saved his life. His brain developed great and he is 6'2" so no stunted growth.

05-23-17, 10:49 PM
its just as safe as a combo as adderall + adderall, or ritalin + ritalin..

my preference is an XR Adderall, with a Ritalin IR booster.

any longitudinal studies proposing any danger, are not really convincing.