View Full Version : Watchminder vs. Smartwatch - Opinions?

The Letter N
05-12-17, 10:58 PM
I heard about the watchminder some time ago and have been considering buying one. However, about the time I considered buying one smartwatches became the rage.

I'd like only opinions of people who have used at lest one of these.

Which is better?

I can think of pluses for smart watches:

+ some can be cheaper than the smartwatch (which runs $85)
+ More choices for apps
+ more configurable
+ software can be updated
+ configuration can be done via computer

But I can also think of some watchminder pluses.

+ Been around since late 90's, surviving a lot of technological changes. (maybe uses the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach?)
+ Made by someone who specializes in ADHD, so everything is specialized thus.
+ I'd be purchasing from a more private company (as opposed to a huge company like Samsung, Google, etc.; I'm not anti-business: I just like to buy from the little guys as much as possible)
+ Simple and fairly distraction-free (although I always find ways of fiddling)
+ better security and privacy: isn't connected to the internets ( >:( ).
+ designed by an ADHD specialist: the watch would be nearly exactly what I needed without having to spend hours tracking down specialized apps and configuring them to my liking.

I did find forums from 2003 and 2005, but, of course, they mentioned nothing of smartwatches! :lol:

lt;dr What are your guys' (and girls') opinion on using a smartwatch vs. watchminder?