View Full Version : What are your side effects-concerta 36mg's

05-13-17, 07:24 PM
I know i post alot but i seem to have a great deal of issues
So ive been taking concerta 36mgs foe two months now after bumping up from 27 and its made a world of difference with the little things in life,keeping my room clean,doing the dishes,getting work on time,the usual life chores.
The things i dont like about this dose

Its makes my mind race not conatantly but off and on through out the day

It makes my head tingle constantly

It gives me panic attacks which at lower doese never ised to panic/anxiety attacks so i know how to control them

This dose also makes me feel much more hyper than isually calm when taking the medication at lower doses.

I get heart palpitations when it wears off,somwtimes throught the day.

I emailed my PDOC to set up an appointment to get hia feedback.i dont want to stop taking this dose as its workong other than the above metioned side effects.

Has anyone taken concerta at this dose and felt these side effects.

I take my heart rate through put the day and if im not running pr ctxling as i do moat everyday its really low.
Maybe this doae is just to high of a dose.

05-14-17, 11:24 AM
I was on 36 mg/day. It made me really depressed even though I was on an anti-depressant. I had to get off of it. Maybe the dose was too high, I didn't try the lower dose though.

05-14-17, 03:50 PM
Hey. Magnesium Glycinate has been a life saver for me for anxiety caused by Concerta. It's safe to use and will calm you down in just a few minutes after taking it. It won't cure the anxiety but when I take two of them it gets rid of it completely. I have never had to take more than four tablets per day and most days I only take two. The bottle says to take 2 tablets 2 times every day so the recommended dose seems to work. Hope this helps with that side effect! :-)

Ps there's several different types of Magnesium but glycinate is the only one I'm aware of that doesn't cause digestional discomfort