View Full Version : Can anyone refer me to a doctor in Cleveland? Been on Adderall 20+ years

05-15-17, 08:21 PM
I'm in my late thirties and have been taking Adderall to treat my severe ADD for over twenty years now with a high rate of success. After coming to Cleveland for the first time a few weeks ago, I unexpectedly landed a great new job in my field that is right up my alley and now it looks like I'll be staying for a while. Can anyone out there recommend a doctor who can help me while I'm here? My meds have worked very well for me for the entirety of my adult life and I'd like avoid any psycho pharmacological disturbances as I take advantage of this amazing career opportunity. Lastly, if said doctor accepted Medicaid, that'd be ideal, but I'm prepared to pay out of pocket if need be. Thank you all in advance!

05-16-17, 03:11 AM
Have you checked the referrals section?