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05-18-17, 04:30 AM
Hy ! My son is now 8 yr old. He has ADHD and ASD. After many year of ABA Therapy he is now first class with a shadow. Because of his agitation since September 2016 he took Risperidone and ZOLOFT , but even so he looses his attention, he refuses to do some classes. He has a tics bites his hand... We tried ( at 6 yr old) Straterra with very bad side reactions after 10 days. Our dr stopped at once.
Because of his treatment( risperidone+ Zoloft= sertraline ) he became fat.
We are fighting to give him only natural food despite of his desire to eat sweets, chocolates...
I need advice about other treatment ( naturally) , for focus and attention, medication and tests( blood etc>). In the summer, our dr told us to stop all the treatments in order to make his body breathes and in August to try CONCERTA. Thank You

05-18-17, 10:19 AM
What do you mean by "make his body breathes"

05-18-17, 11:42 AM
Sadly, it can take quite a bit of trial to find the medication that actually helps
without unwanted side effects. But when you find the right med it's worth it.

Risperdone had the same effect on my granddaughter, but it was the only med
we trialed that was really helpful so she stayed on it for several years. Now she
takes Celexa (if I remember correctly), and has had a lot of therapy over the

But the best change is probably finally getting a teacher that really knows
which behaviors are typical for her age group and need to be corrected, and
which are typical for autism/anxiety and need to be supported and redirected.

I, myself (adhd, anxiety and probable autism) have been taking Omega 3 fish
oil supplements for 14 years to manage my adhd focus and attention. Doesn't
help with my mood or anxiety, so I take Zoloft for that.

Welcome to the forum and I wish you good luck in finding the right med or
combination of meds sooner than later.