View Full Version : Menstrual cycle and Adderall?

05-18-17, 10:40 AM
I heard that the effectiveness of Adderall fluctuates with your hormones. Whenever it's near the time of the month, it sometimes becomes more or less effective -- it's unpredictable. Can someone give me a better explanation for this and what I should do? I'm tired of being moody and unpredictable to my colleagues.

I'm also aware of needing the optimal amount of sleep and food (that's more alkaline base). Could it be changes in my stress levels? Changes in energy?

05-19-17, 04:08 AM
I would love to tell you how you can avoid issues during that time, or anytime due to our female bodies but I cant. Some doctors will act like you are crazy because you will notice these issues. They will tell you there is no way the two are linked. In this case, being a female and knowing my body I can say that Hormones play a HUGE difference with my meds and are unpredictable. I also have a mass on my adrenal gland that causes it to release too much of other hormones sometimes like cortisol, adrennaline and other goodies. My endochronologist acted like I was nuts when I told him about the issues. I gave up trying to find validation and explaining that I know my body very well, and tried to work within the issue rather than against it.

05-19-17, 08:08 AM
I no longer take meds due to the overwhelming side effects in my particular biology, but I recall when I did take adderall ir, and it was that time of the month, there were no work arounds, just some very painful work throughs, or trying like hell to avoid life at all costs.