View Full Version : the right medication?

05-20-17, 07:01 AM
Hi guys,

i have been on concerta xl 72mg for many years, though when i ask health professionals around is this the right medication for me, it seems like it is the easiest option just to keep me on the same medication for them.

how do i know whether any other medication will agree with me better?

i am under mental health services though feel the mental health services i am under in the midlands UK arnt too aware of treatment of ADHD and the medication to prescribe since i was diagnosed in london.

would appreciate if any of you have had similar experiences and how they or would deal with it.

05-20-17, 04:48 PM
Does this medication help you control your ADHD symptoms?

Are you experiencing side effects that make it disagree with you?

If the answers are "yes" and "no", respectively, then I wouldn't mess with it.

If the medication isn't working well -- you are still struggling quite a bit with your ADHD symptoms -- or you are experiencing bothersome side effects that you haven't been able to manage, then I'd suggest having a frank discussion with the doctor about alternatives.

Be aware, though, that medication is rarely perfect -- most of us continue to deal with some ADHD symptoms even when medications help make them more manageable. You may not find a "perfect" medication, and you will likely need to learn and apply strategies in addition to medication in order to operate at your best.

But if the medication is providing no/little noticeable benefit, or causing more harm than good, then it's certainly worth considering alternatives.