View Full Version : First Concerta pill taken today after almost 2 months of Ritalin - Some questions

05-20-17, 02:13 PM
As an adult recently prescribed Ritalin for the first time, I took my first 27 Mg Concerta XL tab today on an empty stomach at 9 am.
Then I went to the gym and used my free weekend to work out for hours. Then I was home by 3 pm and had a huge sirloin steak.
Will eating force this pill out of my system faster ? I am not sure how the stomach and gut works . Would the pill be taken out for a ride with the food out the other end ? :lol::giggle:

I know little about this pill. Apparently I will get a 10 Mg drop instantly then the rest of it will support the dose.

How will I feel compared to the 10 Mg I would take in the morning and the 20 Mg I would take in the afternoon of instant release Ritalin ? I can see that I wont get the nice feeling from this 27Mg Concerta of the 20 mg I used to drop at 2 pm.

I take it this pill will last for 10 hours. So therefore am I going to feel the difference at 7 pm later on ?

I may need my dose increased. How will I make this last longer ? Is Concerta ever prescribed in conjunction with instant release Ritalin which can be taken later in the day ?

I keep reading that citrus fruits/ Vitamin C can affect the absorption of the active ingredient but I also keep seeing that idea being rejected. If I take a handful of multivitamins or drink soluble Vitamin C or take slow release Vitamin C tablets , can this affect the medication ?

05-20-17, 04:25 PM
I replied to this question that you posted in another thread, but I moved my reply here because I saw that you weren't the OP of the other thread and that you'd asked the same question here:
So taking it with food actually helped ? I just took my first Concerta pill today. I took it on an empty stomach. Then went to the gym. Then in the afternoon has a nice big steak.
Im wondering ... about bowel movements ( terrible topic I know) and wondering if I eat a lot , will that force the pill out the other end :lol: before it releases all its active ingredient ?
It shouldn't.

In general, solid food typically passes through people's digestive systems in about day, plus or minus (everybody's different). Having a steak seems unlikely to make a huge difference vs. a kale-and-avocado sandwich or a bowl of stir-fry. There have been a few studies looking at what happened when people took Concerta with high-fat and low-fat meals or an empty stomach, and the differences in absorption and plasma half-life were relatively small.

If you have serious gastrointestinal issues (like, say, a gastric bypass, or a disorder that causes malabsorption, or stomach flu, or severe gut motility issues), then it might be a different story.

And if you personally observe, after different meal conditions, a difference in your own response to the medication, that would be something to take note of.

But in general, I wouldn't worry about it.

Re: citrus: that may sometimes an issue with amphetamines, but I've never heard of it being an issue with methylphenidate.

Re: duration: people seem to get different durations of effect. For some people, the therapeutic benefits don't last a whole 12 hours -- more like 8 hours -- and for some people, it may last longer. As you go through the day, ask yourself whether your ADHD symptoms are under (better) control than usual. (It can sometimes help, if you live/interact with someone else, to get their input as well, if it's someone you're comfortable asking.) That will help you figure how long the medication works for you. When the medication wears off, that's it for the day. If it doesn't last long enough for you to be as functional as you need to be, then ask your doctor for suggestions. Some people will take a later dose of short-acting medication or sometimes long-acting medication to cover the afternoon/evening period. Others find that taking stimulants too late in the day keeps them up at night. To some extent, it may help to plan your tasks to take advantage of the times of day you work best.