View Full Version : Wellbrutin Xl 300mg - taking at night

05-21-17, 06:24 AM

I have been taking Wellbutrin XR 300 mg for about 2 months. I also take vyvance 70mg. Vyvance I have taken for several years in the morning.

I take both first thing in the morning on an empty stomachs . What I have started to notice is that I seem I get this energy burst at night time around 10pm . I can still usually sleep, but would prefer if I were able to get this extra energy during the day rather than just before going to bed. I tend to sleet a bit later now and less than normal.

Does anyone have experience taking this medication a night? (Wellbutrin that is)? When I take it in the morning I don't really notice anything but I do know it is definitely working. Any guidance would be appreciated.


05-26-17, 04:27 PM
I'm actually in a fairly similar situation and looking for some insight myself! I take Wellbutrin SR (12-hr) and Zenzedi (IR d-amph/Dexedrine) the same active ingredients as you, but with shorter half-lives.

I'm going to start a post elsewhere and will link back here if you're interested (remind me if I forget). But basically, my current working theory is that I'm actually getting a rebound effect in terms of ADHD symptoms once the Dex has completely worn-off at night. I say this because the problem often actually seems worse if I skip an afternoon dose I'm positive it's not that the Dex is still lingering.

I actually hadn't even suspected the Wellbutrin because the Zenzedi (and stims in general) is the new drug in my regimen...but I also know that's a very common pitfall which causes drug interactions to be missed entirely. We default to blaming the new drug without looking deeper. Doctors, too!

Anyway, maybe we can keep each other posted. I'm really determined to try to improve this situation as it's biggest lingering, untreated issue I have...I'm 1000x better during the day than I was before treatment, but still sleeping terribly much of the time :(.

06-08-17, 10:37 PM
Wellbutrin XL hypes me up something fierce. I'm too afraid to take it at night. So I'm trying trazodone for my sleep now. The positives of Wellbutrin outweigh the negatives, but sleep is so necessary...