View Full Version : Is it just ADD?

05-24-17, 12:29 AM
I'm a 14 year old guy. I have been going through a ton of ****. Let me fill yall in with the story.

I started my 8th grade school year ok, but a month in I started having symptoms of panic disorder. My panic disorder led me into a chronic depression. I was self-harming and feeling very suicidal. I was then sent to an outpatient for two weeks. After I was finished there, I was going to try and enter school again. I had a chronic panic attack and had to go home. I was planning to kill myself, but I was put in a hospital before I could. I then went to an impatient hospital. I eventually got out of there, and I started a new school. I was also diagnosed with ADD.

I am currently being tested for an IEP. I honestly don't think I'm doing to well on it. Do ADD symptoms include memory loss, trouble understanding sarcasm, poor attention span, restlessness, boredom, and zoning out? I'm having so much trouble in school because I forget the lessons the next day, and I can't pay attention. I have so much trouble reading and writing . I'm currently on a low dosage of ritallin, but it's not working. I swear it has been a living hell.:(

05-24-17, 01:25 AM
Hey mate. Well done putting this stuff into words. Your a fighter, and fighters need to recoup energy, they need small goals and they need support.

Yeah, alot of the sub-issues can be ADHD related.... but for now I reckon just steadying the ship as best possible. Don't beat yourself up..... Aim for an acceptable day to day as best possible..... get some support making your environment more comfortable.