View Full Version : Why Vyvanse is better some days and worse others?

05-24-17, 07:44 AM
I take Vyvanse mon-fri at 6AM each morning.

some days I can really feel it working and some days I am tired or sluggish or don't feel the effects of it at all.

what can I do to improve the performance of the medication?

what is the best diet to follow for eating the night before and the morning of?

How much does stress play a roll?

is there anything I can do or take to help it work better each day?

05-24-17, 11:35 AM
Why wouldnt you want to take your medicine everyday?
Trying to potentiate a drug isnt what you want to be doing. You will read a million things on the internet about how to make the medicine work better and most of them are BS opinions. You dont judge the effectiveness of medication based on how it feels, you base it on how well your symptoms are controlled.
I admit, I have a resentment against vyvanse. It never worked for the purported 12 hours and was very inconsistent. Something to consider is vyvanse mainly starts doing its thing once it reaches the gut-rather than entering the bloodstream like other adhd meds. I takes awhile and digestion plays a role, so eating something that gets digestion moving is key. I prefer a solid protein meal to help the digestion process get going but it still took a few hours to do its thing.

Honestly, there isnt anything you can do or take to help it along, unless you are looking to make things "feel" better which kinda walks to line of looking at it as a performance enhancer.
There are reasons why this medication is so popular on college campuses and in sports. For the non adhd person it gets you a little high and can make act like superman but thats not what you should be looking for as treatment for adhd.

06-01-17, 05:48 PM
It is human not to perfom like a engine everyday.
You should use Vyvanse as medication but not as a torque-wrench on your brain.
Mind that looking for effectiveness optimization is step one into addiction.
Vyvanse is not the holy grail!