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05-25-17, 11:56 AM
hey everyone,
On my old insurance, I was taking 70mg Vyvanse daily. My new insurance doesnt cover it so after trying many medications (Concerta, Metadate, Adderall), I'm on Dexedrine now. I was told it was the closest thing to Vyvanse from some members on here and I have to agree. He started me out on 10mg ER daily and we've upped it to 30mg SR now. I think its getting close to where i was with Vyvanse but not quite. It actually seems to wear off around 12 or 1pm. My question to you guys and gals is,

What is 30mg of Dexedrine equivalent to in Vyvanse dosage? And if need be, what is a typical booster used with Dex?

I'm going to ask my doc if we can up my dosage to whatever is equal to 70mg Vyvanse. I appreciate any and all help. Thanks for reading!

05-25-17, 02:29 PM
Conversion Factors for Common ADHD Medications (

70mg Vyvanse has 20.762mg of dextroamphetamine base.

28.313mg of Dexedrine has that amount of dextroamphetamine base.

Hence, 2 x 15mg Dex CR spansules are roughly equivalent to a 70mg Vyvanse capsule.


05-25-17, 02:37 PM
Awesome. Thanks for the info, man.

05-25-17, 03:25 PM
Are you on the spansules or ir?

05-30-17, 12:34 PM
I'm on the spansules I believe. 10mg SR 3 times in the morning. Only problem is that its starting to wear off early like around 1 or 2pm if taken at 8am. dont know if my doc will increase the daily amount or give me a booster for the afternoon.

05-30-17, 03:04 PM
...its starting to wear off early like around 1 or 2pm if taken at 8am...

Sounds perfectly typical for spansules. When I was taking spansules, I dosed at 8am, and then at noon, or thereabouts.
Later in time I began (with permission) taking my total daily dose at 8am in order to achieve full wear-off by bedtime
so as to achieve restful, undisturbed sleep. Also, it was important for me to be covered whilst at work—at home, less so.


05-30-17, 03:42 PM
I know the spansues for me, never lasted more than 5 hours.

06-24-17, 01:15 AM
It's a bit more complicated than just comparing the mass of the amphetamine bases, because Vyvanse has a higher rate of bioavailability (i.e. a higher percent of it goes into the bloodstream) than Dexedrine (more of it fails to reach the bloodstream, and it therefore wasted). There's also some clinical evidence that suggests that since Vyvanse (at least compared to Adderall XR) has a more gradual rise in bloodstream concentration, it's less likely to cause acute tolerance. With Adderall XR and methylphenidate, the efficacy seems to fall off soon after the blood concentration passes its peak. However, Vyvanse seems to work for 10-12+ hours, even though it reaches peak blood concentration after only around 4-5 hours. Of course, YMMV, and many people on this site report getting fewer than the advertised 10-12+ hours of coverage from Vyvanse.