View Full Version : Adderall dose (Doctor on break until tuesday)

05-27-17, 07:32 PM
I am on 20mg XR adderall and a 10mg booster. i have been on this dose for almost a month and was just prescribed 2 weeks before this dose for the first time. he started me off with 10mg and told me if it did not help to take 20mg the next day which i did initially. Anyways I feel like 20mg is slightly low to start my day and feel like 25mg may be right since my booster seems to help activate the rest of the adderall.Is it too early to ask for another increase? is it possible to just get prescribed 30mg xr for the day in one capsule?

05-28-17, 09:18 AM
Yes you can get 30mg in one capsule but IME its better to take multiple doses a day. This is just my experience only and maybe it has to do with my absorption issues but xr lasts about 6-8 hours a day for the average person so if you need more than 8 hours of coverage once a day might not cut it for you. If you need 30mg a day then they make 15mg xr and you could take that twice a day.